Educational Kit App with DIY Kit

India’s First Education Kit With Combo Of Different Course With Creative & Interactive Learning Kit.

In this day and age, we are constantly on our phones. We use them for entertainment, to stay connected with our friends and family, and for work. However, there are not many educational Android apps out there which can provide academic course along with Vedic Course, Indian Cultural Course, Science & Space, Robotics, Stem all in one.

Learning is fun

Aims to make learning fun by getting children excited about the fascinating world of science, mathematics, robotics, history, Indian culture. Nurture Kids with Interactive Learning in Ancient History, Vedic Culture, Indian Scholars and many more.

Complete Package with Multilingual

Manomay Gyan is more than just an educational app, it’s a complete package! It will also be available in Kannada, English and Hindi, making it accessible to children from all over India.

Latest Content

We help our students in their learning process by providing them with the most up-to-date content that is in tune with the latest developments of technology and pedagogy.

Manomay App

Useful in Remote Ares

The app is designed to help kids from villages and from lower socio-economic backgrounds who can’t afford premium education.

Free for Community

With the help of CSR funds and sponsorship, Manomay Group will give away the Manomay Gyan Education kit for free of cost along with an Electronic Tablet PC.


The Manomay Gyan Education kit includes everything a child needs to get started with learning, including a tablet PC loaded with educational content, a library of e-books, and access to online tutoring.


Dear Parents,

Transform your kids with Interactive learning through our Mobile App. Let your kids explore the world of education with Augmented Reality, Robotics, Prototypes, Stem based courses. It is a product of Manomay Group LLP, the company is working on Robotics, Space Study, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and Meta Verse Technology.

  • Academic Course
  • Cultural Course
  • Discover Course
  • Indian Scholars (AR Activity)
  • Career Development
  • Languages
  • Space & Technology